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Tiny Rituals

Handcrafted Copper Wave Cuff by Tiny Rituals

Handcrafted Copper Wave Cuff by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Shining bright in pure copper and catching the rise and fall of life’s cycles, this handcrafted copper wave cuff keeps you connected to the ocean, heavens, and earth. Made in Mexico by skilled artisans, this beautiful copper cuff is luminous light and folklore, it brings balance, hope, joy, and all the healing energy you could need. 

“With this cuff, I ride the ebbs and flows of life with ease and welcome balanced healing”


The copper wave cuff flows with hope and healing energy. The wave pattern is beautifully symbolic of all the ocean elements  - from hidden depth to vastness and movement, the sea has long been a symbol that connects with our human spirit. The wave is symbolic of learning to ride the energetic ebbs and flows that life throws at us and reminds us that everything comes in cycles and passes, we just need to learn how to harness that energy and stay afloat.

The healing element of copper brings blessings across the body, mind, and soul. As an amazing conductor of energy, you can expect plenty of high vibrations, perfect ripples of positivity, and elevated consciousness when you slip this cuff on your wrist. Copper not only eases aches and pains and tames inflammation in the body, but also balances emotions, clears negative energy, and aligns the chakras for complete wellness. 

This copper bracelet brings deep breaths, high energy, a spark of creativity, and lots of light to your system. For those who have been feeling overwhelmed or sluggish, this cuff can be the thing you need to pick you up. Let the combination of shifting tides and ancient healing wash over you with this beautiful cuff bangle for both men and women.


  • Made of Pure Copper
  • Adjustable for 5.5 - 7.5 wrist
  • Measures 1.1 inches Wide 
  • Handmade in Mexico by Skilled Artisans
  • Design May Vary Slightly To Reflect Handmade Quality
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