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PIXISS Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mold Making 7 oz Kit by Pixiss

PIXISS Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mold Making 7 oz Kit by Pixiss

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Fulfilled by our friends at Pixiss

  • Premium Silicone Mold Creation Material - Our translucent liquid silicone is a safe silicone material, non-toxic and no odor, very flexible, soft and clear with a shore hardness of 15A. To add color to your molds, you can mix the mold making silicone with mica powder to create a colorful mold!
  • Easy Mixing & Pouring - This silicone molds making kit includes part A and part B, the mixing ratio is 1:1. Pour the Part A and Part B together, stir the silicone rubber thoroughly for 5 minutes for best results. Working time of 5 minutes at room temp.
  • Various Applications - It's very ideal for art craft use, DIY your own resin molds, wax molds, candle molds, use to make molds for resin, wax, soap, casting, etc. ATTENTION: DO NOT USE FOR FOOD. If you have any questions about our mold making kit please feel free to reach out.
  • Beginner Friendly - If you're interested in mold making, then look no further because our mold making kit is a perfect choice for you! No prior experience is necessary. Great activity to do with friends and family that you think would be interested in mold making. Cleaning Steps: If there's any spill, please clean with soapy water or rubbing alcohol.
  • Bubble Free - The bubbles in your mixture will gradually disappear. Do not use heat to get rid of the bubbles.
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