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Rose Quartz Obelisk - 6 inch by Tiny Rituals

Rose Quartz Obelisk - 6 inch by Tiny Rituals

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Rose Quartz Obelisk - 6 inch by Tiny Rituals

Regular price $128.95
Regular price $128.95 Sale price $148.00
SAVE 12% Sold out

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Let love stand tall with this large Rose Quartz Obelisk. Serving as a beautiful beacon and a magnet for attracting, channeling, and serving up love, this Rose Quartz Crystal Obelisk is the only talisman you need in your life. The obelisk is a symbol of power, and there’s nothing more powerful than radiant love. The perfect match, this tower is where sacred geometry meets the most heavenly and human emotions.

“With this obelisk, I let universal vibrations and cosmic energy into my heart”


Whatever the challenge, Rose Quartz is always the cure. This sweet and soft gemstone is famed for being a heart healer, clearing past hurts, and helping welcome a new wave of love and connection. While it certainly is a cheerleader for romantic love, Rose Quartz truly thrives when it comes to self-compassion and easing into empathy. If you are someone who finds yourself closed or cloaked when it comes to matters of the heart, this obelisk can set you free. 

As a heart chakra healer, Rose Quartz is here to stitch the holes and soften the edges. Past hurts can leave us hard or disconnected and closed to the glorious possibilities of joy. Healing with Rose Quartz can open you up and ensure that whether you welcome love from your core or from external corners, you can bask in the light without fear. 

The Obelisk invites you to rise to a whole new level. Place it beside your bed or on an altar in your home to open to an endless stream of loving energy. With its tip pulling in universal love, the light of destiny, and its base staying steady and grounded, it is the perfect shape for working with universal energies and cosmic vibrations. For those who are ready for their heart to leap to a whole new level, the Rose Quartz Obelisk is the best remedy.


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