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Somavedic USA

Amber by Somavedic USA

Amber by Somavedic USA

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Fulfilled by our friends at Somavedic USA

The epitome of strength and potency, standing as our most robust model, surpassing even the Vedic, our bestselling product, by an impressive fourfold margin. Designed to address the challenges posed by EMF-laden environments, especially in bustling city centers.

Amber proves to be the ultimate remedy for spaces seeking heightened harmonization. 

  • 4x stronger than Vedic with all its benefits and features
  • 5G effects mitigation protects the human body from its adverse effects
  • Creates a more coherent, natural environment
  • Activates self-healing process in the body and mind

If you want the ultimate EMF effects mitigation device, Amber is the solution.

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