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Tiny Rituals

Black Onyx Mala - High-Energy Gemstones by Tiny Rituals

Black Onyx Mala - High-Energy Gemstones by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Protection and fortune can be found in the healing energy of the Black Onyx Mala. This dark and delicious gemstone is all about protecting you against negative energy, encouraging strength and willpower, and ensuring you get grounded. For those who are going through a tough time, sitting with this traditional mala necklace with its 108 beads (complete with guru bead) can nurture serenity. 

“With this mala, I sit in stillness and serenity knowing I am protected”


These Black Onyx mala prayer beads are doused in purpose and protection. Wear them to surround yourself with the energy of safety or as a tether that connects you to the ground beneath your feet during meditation or any kind of spiritual practice. A traditional technique for counting and overcoming the monkey mind, this Black Onyx mala brings stillness, contemplation, and clarity.


  • These Malas are Hand Knotted and can take 2-3 weeks to ship. If your Mala is not in stock and being strung, we will ship it separately within 2-3 weeks.  Thanks for your patience.
  • 6mm or 8mm high energy gemstones handcrafted knotted between each bead silk thread 108 beads
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