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Black Onyx Silver Stud Earrings by Tiny Rituals

Black Onyx Silver Stud Earrings by Tiny Rituals

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Black Onyx Silver Stud Earrings by Tiny Rituals

Regular price $38.00
Regular price $38.00 Sale price $42.00
SAVE 9% Sold out

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Velvet black and shot with silver sparkle, these Black Onyx Silver Stud Earrings bring soulful balance as they connect you with the earth and the stars. Black Agate becomes a cloak of protection, ever ready to neutralize anything negative that comes your way. The flash of silver brings its own healing properties - boosting perception and providing a connection between astral and physical plains.

“With these earrings, I sharpen my eyes and mind to perceive truth in all its forms”


Pinpointing prosperity and courage to your chakras, these Black Onyx stone earrings can center and ground you in seconds. This smoky black gem is a beauty and is well-known for cleansing the aura, warding off bad vibes, and calling in soothing energy to quell stormy thoughts. 

Plated with sterling silver shining bright with hand-hammered edges, you get to double up on divine healing with these stud earrings. Silver is an ancient and natural healer that helps to regulate emotional energy, deepen intuition, and draw out negativity from the body too. Silver also has reflective qualities and can be used as a spiritual mirror to gaze at the truth of our own soul. 

Wearing Black Onyx earrings will keep your lower chakras grounded and your upper chakras balanced and awake. Both Black Agate and silver have been known to help heal headaches and Black Agate can also help with eye issues too. Having the stones set close to the head can keep your mind sharp and your vision clear. Onyx is considered to be a gemstone of inner journeys and Black Onyx is your protector as you step onto that path. This stone reminds us to have courage, to stay calm, and to turn to our well of knowledge and insight when it comes to problem-solving. 


  • Faceted unique and genuine Black Onyx gemstone
  • Sterling Silver plated
  • Approx. .25 inches wide
  • Hand-hammered edges
  • Made with love in India
  • Comes with description card

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