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Tiny Rituals

Blue Tiger Eye Stone Set by Tiny Rituals

Blue Tiger Eye Stone Set by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Blending the warmth and power of the classic Tiger Eye with the harmony and balance that comes with the color blue, this Blue Tiger Eye tumbled stone set is here to cool, comfort, and encourage communication to flow. Tumbled stones are ripe in crystal healing and can be used to cleanse the chakras, aid meditation, or be carried as an amulet or good luck charm.

“With these stones, I stay soothed and stabilized without letting go of my strengths”


The ancient tale of the Blue Tiger Eye spans centuries, this silky blue gem is soft in shades of gold and blue and captures that energy between the Hawk’s Eye and the Tigers Eye. Like the Tigers Eye, it is a stone of resilience and light and is intrinsically linked to the sun god Ra. This gem flows with moods of clarity, calm, and an overwhelming sense of inner peace.

Like many blue-shaded stones, the Blue Tiger Eye connects to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. The throat chakra is the center of our communication and the gateway through which we share our sense of truth with the wider world. The third eye is the seat of our wisdom and how we tap into our deepest well of intuition. The link between our knowledge and our voice is how we shape ourselves and hold our place in the world and the Blue Tiger Eye supports us in that sojourn. 

Emotionally, Blue Tigers Eye can help to soothe and stabilize. For those who suffer from mood swings or dips into depression, this nurturing gem can help balance you out and sweep away destructive thought patterns. It is also known to help strengthen and bring out any stashed away psychic gifts - helping you step closer to spiritual leaps and astral travel.


  • Set of 3 unique and genuine Blue Tiger Eye gemstones 
  • Approx. .75-1" each 
  • Color, shape, and markings will vary 
  • Comes with a description card
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