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Tiny Rituals

Brass Carved Charcoal Resin Incense Burner Kit by Tiny Rituals

Brass Carved Charcoal Resin Incense Burner Kit by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

This ornate and intricate brass charcoal burner is a beautiful way to create harmony, peace, and spiritual sensory experiences in the home. With this charcoal resin burner, you can create your own personal altar as you use it to safely burn your incense with ease. The element of brass brings its own healing elements and the little brass burner is a thoughtful size for travel and smaller space areas. 

“With this burner, I invite scents of earth and heaven to bring healing to my home”


Carved from brass, this charcoal burner is a must for those who dabble or delve deep into the art of incense burning. An ancient practice that has found its way into our modern-day lexicon, lighting incense can do everything from lulling you into a deeper sleep, preparing your mind for meditation, chasing away negative energy, and providing a ritual or ceremony for any spiritual practice. It can also be a great way to smudge a space for those times when you need a major energy overhaul. 

This unique brass carved burner is a must-have accessory for smudging. Not only does it complement your altar but it also makes sure that you are burning incense in a safe and clean way. Wave farewell to crumbling resin ashes and hot fingertips with this neat, compact, and charming charcoal burner. 

Crafted from brass, this burner also brings its own unique healing elements to the party too. Brass is a truly spiritual metal and is connected to the planet of Mars. Bringing the energy of protection, power, courage, and healing, brass is also known to attract wealth and abundance. When paired with the energy of whichever incense you are burning, it is sure to lend its own influence and heighten the experience.


  • Brass Carved Charcoal Burner 1.5"H 2" D 
  • Comes with a 4 oz bag of Tiny Rituals Sand
  • comes with Instruction Card

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