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Tiny Rituals

Celtic Tree of Life Tie Dye Curtain by Tiny Rituals

Celtic Tree of Life Tie Dye Curtain by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Representing life, our collective and unique journeys, and all the forces of nature coming together to establish harmony - the Celtic Tree of Life Tie Dye Curtain brings beauty, bounty, and the divine sense of simply being into your home. 

“With this curtain, I evoke strength, harmony, expression, and connection between heaven and earth”


The Celts are an ancient collection of tribes and communities who honored nature, ritual, and ancestry. In the Irish tongue, the Tree of Life was also known as Cran Bethadh, and even though this symbol stretches as far back as Ancient Egypt, it also made its mark on the Celts. There are many meanings and messages entangled in the branches of this ancient tree with its deep firm roots and its branches reaching high.

The Celtic Tree of Life depicts a connection between the earth and heaven. It was believed to be a gateway from our world to the spirit world and even a place where the spirits of our ancestors stayed. The presence of this image inside a circle also pays homage to the circle of life and the never-ending continuum of it all. The knots represent oneness and unity and the power we can achieve when we all work together in this world. 

The tie-dye element of this evocative curtain design also calls on the freewheeling spirit of the tie-dye pattern. Tie-dye in our modern world is often linked to themes around freedom, expression, and individuality but its roots actually go way back - even to the likes of Peru and Ancient China. Tie Dye is an ancient form of expression and complements the Celtic tree of life beautifully.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Measures 44 inches x 88 inches
  • Wash Cold Separately, Hang Dry
  • Made in India with Love
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