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Celtic Tree of Life Tie Dye Tapestry w/Fringe by Tiny Rituals

Celtic Tree of Life Tie Dye Tapestry w/Fringe by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

A symbol of strength and wisdom, this Celtic Tree of Life tie-dye tapestry is a celebration of the ancient world and our deep connection to nature. This tapestry is handmade in India with love and created from heavyweight cotton with a fringe. Use it as a wall hanging, when communing with the natural world, or as a blanket or covering in your home to create a sacred space.

“With this tapestry, I welcome the wisdom, strength, and spiritual magic of the ancient celts”


The Ancient Celts could be found across Western and Northern Europe thousands of years ago. These tribes and communities were closely connected to Mother Earth and had rituals blessed by folklore and the magic of mythology. Their Tree of Life took on steadfast and spirited meaning as trees were an integral part of Celtic identity. Trees not only provided shelter and food but they were also seen as a link between heaven and earth. The deep roots represented our mortal plain and the rising branches - a gateway to the spirit world. 

The Celtic Tree of Life also represents wisdom, knowledge, and strength and from these trees - wands and staffs would normally be carved. They were also considered to be the home of the fairie folk or in some tribes - the actual ancestors of man. This tapestry celebrates the many stories of the Tree of Life and calls on the energy of the ancient celts to guide us. 

The tie dye element also brings its own source of enchantment. Tie-dye has long been associated with the free and bohemian movement of the sixties, although its true conception goes further back and is woven through many cultures. Tie-dye is an expression of creative individuality. This tapestry can be used in a multitude of ways - from wrapping yourself in it to picnics in the park or yoga on the beach, it can be used to adorn your home or it can come with you on life’s many wonderful journeys. 


  • 100% Heavyweight Cotton with Fringe
  • Measures 88 inches x 104 inches - Full Size
  • Can be used for home decor, as a Blanket, Wall Covering, Table Cloth, Furniture Covering,Beach or Picnic Blanket 
  • Wash Cold Separately, Hang Dry
  • Made in India with Love
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