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Tiny Rituals

Copper Hammered Earrings - Limited Edition by Tiny Rituals

Copper Hammered Earrings - Limited Edition by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Striking in shades of warm earth and molten moods, these Copper Hammered Earrings are all about magnifying positive moods, harmonizing emotions, and helping the body with deep spiritual and physical healing too. Handmade in Mexico with lashings of soul and love, these hammered copper earrings flash with the promise of soothing energy, earthly connection, and elegant ease.

“With these earrings, I welcome earthly connection, warmth, and wisdom to my soul”


Bright and beautiful and here to balance those lower chakras, copper is one of the most precious metals for healing. In a physical sense, copper is like the sun - warming our bodies and our bones and helping with everything from tissue repair to boosting vitality. When it comes to emotional health, harmonious copper also has a lot to say. This burnished metal invites you to set down your sword and shield and focus on building your intuition and wisdom so that negative energy can be spotted before it passes.

With four different varieties, these Copper earrings are something special. Celebrating the beauty of full-circle thinking, the hoop copper earring is resplendent in sacred joy. Capturing the essence of wholeness and the closeness to the third eye chakra, these earrings can raise vibrations, channel energies, and bring gentle warmth to every corner of the soul. Copper also works to shake up the sacral chakra. This is where we find our sense of sweet play, purpose, desire, and warrior spirit. By tapping into this vault of vivacious joy, we are sure to send sparks flying.

These copper earrings are a beautiful display of beauty, optimism, sacred energy, and independent thinking. As copper is all about awakening and livening up what sits deep inside, you can wear them with pride. Smitten with light and splashed with a super nurturing energy, let the glow of copper fill your whole being and surround your aura with smooth and gentle love.


  • Handcrafted of Hammered Copper
  • Earrings  #1 Measure 2 inches Long 
  • Earrings  #2 Measure 2 inches Long
  • Earrings  #3 Measure 2.75 inches Long
  • Earrings  #4 Measure 1.6  inches Long
  • Handmade in Mexico by Skilled Artisans
  • Design May Vary Slightly To Reflect Handmade Quality
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