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Tiny Rituals

Genuine Turquoise Silver or Gold Stud Earrings by Tiny Rituals

Genuine Turquoise Silver or Gold Stud Earrings by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Silk ocean shades and sparkling silver come together in these Natural Turquoise Silver Stud Earrings. Known as a stone of cool and calming energy, turquoise is a truth seeker, a wound healer, and a throat chakra cleanser. 

“With these earrings, I reflect and communicate my truth”


Slip on these Turquoise Silver Stud Earrings and let their gentle energy get to work on soothing your nervous system. Turquoise is an ancient healing gemstone and a strengthening stone. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, keeping Turquoise on the body can boost your immune system and soothe your nervous system too. 

Turquoise earrings sit close to the throat chakra and the other higher chakras. As a beautiful blues tone, Turquoise will cleanse any blockages from the throat - bringing strength, clarity, and a new level of confidence to your voice. For those who may struggle with boundaries, having these earrings can be a beautiful way of drawing those lines. Turquoise also encourages higher communication - which works beautifully when having this stone close to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra too. 

The silver element of these Natural Turquoise studs brings its own healing to the table too. Silver is also potent with anti-inflammatory powers and can aid in everything from skin repair to elasticity and even bone structure. Emotionally, this precious metal is linked to the divine feminine. It is an intuitive metal that in turn strengthens our intuition, lifts our levels of compassion, and even leads us to look within and find reflection and calm.


  • Unique cabochon cut Genuine Real Natural Turquoise with Copper gemstone 
  • Made of .925 Sterling Silver Studs 
  • Approx. .25 inches wide, 6mm
  • Hand-hammered edges 
  • Made with love in India 
  • Comes with description card
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