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Tiny Rituals

Indian Agate Worry Stone by Tiny Rituals

Indian Agate Worry Stone by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Say farewell to disorder and welcome delight with the Indian Agate Worry Stone. For those who know the tick of the anxious mind, this crystal can bring clarity and ease of being and even help elevate you to higher consciousness. 

“With this worry stone, I move from chaos into calm.”


Known as the stone of eternity, Indian Agate is masterful at bringing you back into balance. This multicolored stone encourages the release of old emotions that are no longer serving you and helps reconnect you to your own innate sense of wisdom and wonder. Humming with soft vibrations, Indian Agate knows that sometimes the best inner work is done in a subtle manner. Rather than overwhelm, it guides you gently along your spiritual pathway. 

Indian Agate is one of the best chakra crystals for both your heart and your sacral chakra too. When our heart chakra is open, we are able to love and trust with ease and experience the full spectrum of social and spiritual connection. Our sacral chakra also invites more pleasure and play into our world, which eases tension and lets us see the world with lighter and more radiant eyes. 

The soothing energy of the Indian Agate meaning also works on a physical level as it helps calm and balance the adrenal system. As a worry stone, Indian Agate works wonders. You can sit with this gem in peaceful meditation and stash it in your pocket for those moments on the go when you need rest and respite. You can also wear Indian Agate Bracelets for when you want to tune into its higher consciousness whenever you want to move from chaos into calm.


  • Unique and Genuine Indian Agate gemstone
  • Approx. 2 inches long and 2 inches wide Weight
  • Color, shape, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card

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