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Lace Counting Sheep Mobile by Ariana Ost

Lace Counting Sheep Mobile by Ariana Ost

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Lace Counting Sheep Mobile by Ariana Ost

Regular price $150.00
Regular price $150.00 Sale price
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Fulfilled by our friends at Ariana Ost

Introducing the Lace Counting Sheep Mobile, a whimsical and enchanting addition to any baby nursery or child's room. Handcrafted with love, this mobile is designed to create a serene and calming environment, perfect for peaceful sleep.

This unique mobile features an assortment of charming sheep, floating clouds, twinkling north stars, and a soothing moon, all suspended from two cascading metal bands wrapped in delicate lace fabric. The golden sheep, cloud, moon, and star charms catch the light, adding a subtle shine to your room.

The lace fabric not only adds a touch of softness and elegance but also creates a tactile experience with its pom pom detailing. Every glance at this iconic piece will transport you to a world of wonder and tranquility.

  • Key Feature 1: Serene and Calming - Create a peaceful environment for your little one with this whimsical mobile.
  • Key Feature 2: Handcrafted with Love - Made in our studio in NYC, this mobile is a true labor of love and attention to detail.

Crafted from high-quality brass material, this mobile is not only visually stunning but also built to last. However, we recommend not hanging it within direct reach for your child's safety.

Indulge in the magical world of the Lace Counting Sheep Mobile, harmonizing beauty, creativity, and tranquility. Give your little one the sleep they deserve while adding a touch of whimsy to their space. Order yours today and experience the soothing charm of this enchanting mobile.

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