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Tiny Rituals

Large Soapstone Smudge Bowl Kit by Tiny Rituals

Large Soapstone Smudge Bowl Kit by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Smudge your way to spiritual bliss with this Large Soapstone Smudge Pot Kit. Giving you all the powerful tools you need to make an offering, this hand-carved smudge pot captures the essence of an intricate offering bowl with plenty of space to smudge all your favorite herbs safely. The kit also includes natural sand, a smudging card, and a California White Sage Smudge Stick for creating your own tiny rituals. 

“With this smudge pot, I move into this act with purpose, creating space to nurture my spiritual needs”


Smudging herbs is a spiritual prayer and an incredible way of bringing cleansing energy and the power of positivity to a space. This ancient ritual has a long history and calls on the cleansing nature of certain herbs like palo santo, sage rituals, and other fragrant healing herbs that bring their unique energy into your world. Here, the kit is centered around California White Sage -  a super special herb that can instantly clear bad vibes from a space or person and leave a sense of purity in its wake. 

To smudge well and with intention, it's important to have the perfect smudge pot and this large soapstone incense bowl is it. Hand-carved from soapstone and with a rich and earthly aesthetic, this smudge pot has plenty of space to meet all your ritualistic needs. Soapstone is ripe with its own healing properties too (like everything in the natural world) and it brings its essence of nature, balance, calming vibrations, truth, rational thinking, and yielding to the touch of artistry. 

There are many amazing benefits to smudging. Whether you want to energetically cleanse a space, shift your mindset, spark a kick of creativity, set an intention, connect to the spiritual world, or enhance your cognitive thought - you can do all of this simply with the power of smudging. 


  • 5"Diameter, 3" High
  • Hand Made in India
  • Kit contains Smudge Pot, Natural Sand, California White Sage Smudge Stick, and Smudging Card
  • Can be used for Smudge, Incense Resin, Incense Sticks & Cones
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