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Lepidolite Heart by Tiny Rituals

Lepidolite Heart by Tiny Rituals

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Lepidolite Heart by Tiny Rituals

Regular price $58.00
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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Lilac and lithium come together in the loving energy of the Lepidolite heart. Known as a gemstone of transition, this heart-shaped Lepidolite stone is here to calm and soften and carry you through all kinds of storms. With an emphasis on peace and perfect nurturing, the heather shades of Lepidolite can help with emotional overdrive and can also cleanse your energy so you feel prepped and balanced and ready to move forward. 

“With this heart, I go gentle during times of change, knowing that by taking care I absorb it all”


Of all the sacred shapes and symbols in geometry, none hold the same loving power when it comes to crystal healing as the heart. The core of your emotional center and the beat of life and love, the gentle curves that make the heart shape remind us to be compassionate, flexible, and connected to our central wisdom. 

This crystal heart shape has been carved from the Lepidolite stone. Known for its ability to bring everything into alignment and for being a soothing balm for the soul, Lepidolite is a lullaby. This Lepidolite Heart will carry you across challenging times and even beyond that, can help you with all kinds of divine connections. By clearing blockages in the heart chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra, this stone makes sure that your heart is pure and open and that you are tethered to your intuition and turned on to any higher messages that the universe has to give.

The Lepidolite Heart makes for an amazing talisman to keep close by. Tuck it in your purse or your pocket and hold it close in meditation or when you crave a little extra guidance from higher beings. With its harmonious magic, themes of universal love, and titration approach to accepting life's big changes, you will never feel overwhelmed with this precious stone.


  • Unique and genuine Lepidolite gemstone 
  • Approx. 2" long and 2" wide 
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary 
  • Comes with a description card

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