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March Bloodstone Birthstone Necklace by Tiny Rituals

March Bloodstone Birthstone Necklace by Tiny Rituals

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March Bloodstone Birthstone Necklace by Tiny Rituals

Regular price $78.00
Regular price $78.00 Sale price
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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Awaken and arise with this March Bloodstone Birthstone Necklace. Ripe with Green Chalcedony and the comforting kiss of Red Jasper, this necklace is all about aligning those lower chakras, celebrating the shift into spring, and raising your levels of resilience so you can shine. Choose between supple silver or glowy gold and honor your birth month with this tantalizing tagged necklace.

“With this necklace, I raise resilience and leap into bold new energy”


March is a month of decisive action, awakening, and powerful rebirthing energy. In the northern hemisphere, it is the month of the spring equinox and makes way for new life, new chapters, and new energy to unfold from the slumber of winter and leap into spring energy. Bloodstone is the perfect match for all of that. With its sense of grounding, its ability to rouse the warrior spirit within, and its mood-stabilizing magic, you can enter this new phase full of potency and purpose. 

Bloodstone is a gem that gets to work on aligning those lower chakras. The Red Jasper component keeps your root steady as a beat so that even when the world is challenging, you can stand strong. It also invites your inner confidence to shine by tapping into your solar plexus and your sacral chakras. The gentle Green Chalcedony of Bloodstone also works on the heart. It helps your heart to peel open like a lotus so that you can welcome all the wonders of connection and trust. 

Those born in March are usually born under the banner of Pisces or Aries. Pisceans are known for their watery, flowy and sometimes sensitive nature and Bloodstone helps them to ground down and remain emotionally balanced. Aries signs are passionate, motivated, and ambitious. Bloodstone can also help these fiery signs to find their chill and to keep that courage riding high.


  • 10mm Heart Shaped Genuine  Cabochon Bloodstone Gemstone
  • Chain 18" long with 1.5" Extender
  • Necklace Made of .925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Plated Brass
  • Month Engraved on Tag

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