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Tiny Rituals

November Citrine Birthstone Necklace by Tiny Rituals

November Citrine Birthstone Necklace by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

The month of the mirror and the spiritual warrior, November is a month of release, the end of cycles, and facing the innermost parts of yourself. The November Citrine birthstone necklace is the perfect talisman to keep you warm and protected throughout this trip. A glug of gorgeous sunshine, an attractor of luck, and a stone of pure intention and play, Citrine lightens the load even when you are doing that heavy spirit work. 

“With this necklace, I bring lightness to my inner world and keep positive through play”


Citrine is all sunshine and sparkle. This November birthstone is an absolute blast and never fails when it comes to serving up a delicious dose of confidence and good vibes. While November can have heavier energy, Citrine keeps you skipping light, granting you that inner strength you need to embrace the shadowy side of life and confront any lingering demons. As a solar plexus and sacral chakra gem, Citrine helps you to stay grounded and glorious in your power and invites your warrior spirit to rise. 

November is said to be a month that calls forth hibernation and rest or a sense of sewing those seeds that will bloom in the spring. This works perfectly with the creative zest of Citrine jewelry and helps you to shift into a positive mindset even when change or cyclical shifts are at hand. Not all changes have to be negative and even the most challenging ones can be handled with grace and glory when you have the Citrine at hand.

Those born under the banner of November tend to be either Sagittarians or Scorpios. Scorpios are known for their powerful presence, their drive for intimacy, and their sometimes demanding aura. The Citrine stone helps bring lightness to their vibe and ignites their sense of play. Sagittarians are known for being smart and compassionate and the Citrine stone helps reflect that joyful energy right back.


  • 10mm Heart Shaped Genuine Faceted Citrine Gemstone
  • Chain 18" long with 1.5" Extender
  • Necklace Made of .925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Plated Brass
  • Month Engraved on Tag


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