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Tiny Rituals

Om Namah Shivay Mantra Copper Bangle by Tiny Rituals

Om Namah Shivay Mantra Copper Bangle by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Steeped in history, spirituality, and deep healing - this Om Namah Shivaya Bangle celebrates the sound of creation, the five elements, and the balance and depth of darkness and light, birth, and death, and all the forces of existence that dance together. Emblazoned in the high conducting energy of copper, you have a bangle that strengthens, stimulates, softens, and brings you into sweet surrender.

“With this bangle, I am harmonized with the five elements and connected to creation”


Om is the sound of the universe. Shiva is the beautiful absolute nothingness that permeates everything. Together, this mantra brings us back to the source. It’s one of the most powerful and potent chants on earth and serves to cleanse the environment and build up great energy within. Yet, it goes even further than this. When we break the mantra down into its string of syllables - Na-Ma-Shi-Ya-Ya, each syllable represents one of the five elements. Earth, air, fire, water, ether. These five elements are the building blocks that make up creation. Not just the creation of the world beneath our feet but our own selves too. 

When we stay connected to this chant, consciously or unconsciously, we harmonize all five of these elements within and around us. This removes negative energy, grants us control over our senses, and helps us to keep true to our path in life. The Namah Shivaya Bangle keeps us connected and tuned in to all the above.  

There’s another aspect to this meaningful bangle too - the ringing glory of golden copper. Copper is an ancient healer and a huge conductor of energy. It also provides harmonic balance and connection and brings with it a burst of vibrant energy and opens us up, so we are ready and poised to receive all the planetary power. Together, the power of this ancient metal and this ancient chant ready us for new beginnings and keep us attuned to the beauty of stillness and the self.


  • Made from Copper & Brass
  • 5/8" wide
  • Adjustable Unisex sizing fits wrist size 6 - 8
  • Made in India with Love
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