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Tiny Rituals

Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet by Tiny Rituals

Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Warm copper and magnetic energy come together in this Pure Copper Bracelet. Copper is the king of healing metals and is known for its ability to conduct energy, raise positivity, balance the chakras, and welcome physical healing into your world. Magnets can also stimulate blood flow and energy flow too, infusing you with energy and feel-good endorphins. 

“With this bracelet, I connect with the earth and the heavens, welcoming healing and chakra balancing.”


Shiny and bright, this pure copper magnetic bracelet is here to bring you to optimum health and complete well-being. Handcrafted by our fairtrade partners, this beautiful bangle with an s-chain design pays homage to the harmony of ancient healing. Copper is potent in vibrational frequencies and can keep your circulation flowing, and can cure aches, pains, and all shades of inflammation. Spiritually, it can forge a bridge between the physical and the spiritual planes and is a powerful conductor of cosmic energy. 

This bangle comes studded with magnets at both ends - worn on the inside where they can make direct contact with the skin. Magnetic healing can boost oxygen in the blood, bring pain relief, and create a stronger flow of energy. 

It can also be a first-class therapy for chakra balancing, bringing all our energy points into order and helping create a clear channel from earth to root to crown and cosmos. Together these elements are captured in this simple and easy bracelet. Slipped on the wrist, it immediately elevates your sense of well-being and connects you to the earth and the heavens. 


Copper S-Chain Bracelet with Magnets, H=0.5": 100% pure copper bracelet with S-chain design and magnets. 

  • Handcrafted by Fair Trade partners in India and Nepal
  • 100% Pure Copper
  • Adjustable, Fits Wrist Sizes 6 - 8 inches
  • Bracelet measures 6 inches, End to End
  • Magnets on both inside ends, worn next to skin
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