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Tiny Rituals

Riverstone Jasper Energy Bracelet by Tiny Rituals

Riverstone Jasper Energy Bracelet by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Poetically known as the bones of mother earth, Riverstone has been around since as far back as the 17th century. The Riverstone Jasper Energy Bracelet is known for embodying the flow of sweet water, bringing about acceptance and change, along with freshening up tired auras.

“With this stone, I embody vitality and flow and go where the universe leads me”


One glance at the cool hues of the Riverstone and your mind will be transported to sun-dappled forests or alpine meadows, listening to the melody of clear water running over rocks. Riverstone properties are born from copper, glass, and the art of craftsmanship. It’s a stone that was born by family hands in China and has long been used for its healing powers. Riverstone’s energy is all about embracing change, following the flow of the current, and letting life wash over you without leaving too deep of a negative mark.

The Riverstone Jasper Energy Bracelet can also lend a helping hand when it comes to fighting off respiratory infections and ailments. The soothing kiss of this stone helps heal the lungs and lower fever. There’s no doubt about it, Riverstone wants you to thrive. Not only does it keep you breathing without obstruction, but it also works with a constant stream of good energy to erode negative thoughts and restriction to change.

There’s plenty of symbolism to be found within the tan hues and tantalizing stories of Riverstone. It’s an example of a perfect marriage between man and nature, where, inspired by the earth, the human hand has been guided to crafting something of immense healing power that can bring about deeper shades of intuition, self-love, and a fluidity in life.

Details & Sizing

  • 4mm genuine gemstone beads 
  • Strung on durable stretchy cord
  • Size S fits wrists 5"-6"
  • Size M fits wrists 6"-7"
  • Size L fits wrists 7"-8"
  • If you're in between sizes, size up
  • Stone colors may vary
  • Comes with a description card
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