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Tiny Rituals

Scientific Healing Affirmations by Tiny Rituals

Scientific Healing Affirmations by Tiny Rituals

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Learn how to harness the power of thought and understand the science behind affirmations as a spiritual practice with this groundbreaking and in-depth book from Paramhansa Yogananda. With a belief that man’s word is the spirit in a man, this book serves as a soul manual and brings detailed instruction and a wider range of affirmations for use across many avenues in your life. From stepping into the light of personal confidence to awakening wisdom, this guide to Scientific Healing Affirmations will get you there.

“With this book, I learn how to harness the power of thought to step into self-actualization”


Penned by Paramahansa Yogananda, this beautiful book shares all you need to know about healing affirmations without skipping over the science. Born in India in 1893, Paramahansa Yogananda dedicated his life to helping people step into their divinity and live fuller, richer lives. 

From taking vows as part of the monastic Swami Order to founding the original how-to-live school, and serving as a delegate to an International Congress of Religious Liberals in the USA, Paramahansa Yogananda has been an essential figure in helping the west understand and embrace the spiritual practices of the east. He is fondly revered as being the father of yoga in the West and is also the writer of the bestselling classic - ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’.

The book blends a deeper understanding of the philosophy of affirmations with detailed guidance on how to welcome this spiritual practice into your own life. Unpacking how mind, energy, and matter work together,  this book delivers a foundation that can serve as a solid platform for developing thoughts and affirmations that can heal the body, strengthen the mind, cure negative patterns, and help the reader step into a full sense of self-actualization. 


  • Paperback, 86 pages
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