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Tiny Rituals

Selenite Tower by Tiny Rituals

Selenite Tower by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Standing tall and glimmering with pale angelic light, the Selenite Tower sings with higher spirituality, cleansing energy, and perfect purity. Forever celebrated as the goddess stone, this crystal tower is blessed with healing frequencies and can bring peace and serenity to your body, mind, and soul. Say farewell to negative energies, bring radiant love and ethereal energy to your space, and stay sweet in the knowledge that the mysteries of the universe have your back.

“With this tower, I am cleansed and charged and can move through life as light as a feather”


The Selenite Tower is a talisman or anchor for bringing harmony and higher thinking to your soul and sacred space. Place it as a spiritual centerpiece at your altar, stand it beside your bed, or carry it with you on journeys where you crave clarity, alignment, and the chance to move through life as light as a feather.

Of all the gemstones, Selenite is something extra special. Washed in moonlit hues and intricately connected to the third eye and the crown chakra, it’s no wonder this is a favored crystal with reiki masters, healers, psychics, and those keen to connect to their higher powers. Selenite is a savvy aura cleanser and is here to physically stack you in complete alignment. With the Selenite Tower on your side, you can reverse free radical damage in cell structure, bring about a new flush of youthful health, and let go of any anxieties or worries that may have been holding you back.

The Selenite Crystal Tower also welcomes healthy insight and keeps the chakras clear and open. From the radiant love and trust of the heart chakra to the third eye chakra and the seat of our deepest wisdom, right the way to our crown chakra - our bridge between the physical and the spiritual - all of this is cleansed by sweet Selenite.


  • Unique and genuine Selenite gemstone
  • Approx. 3-4 inches tall and 1 inch base
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card
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