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Tiny Rituals

Yellow Aventurine Ganesh by Tiny Rituals

Yellow Aventurine Ganesh by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Clear the pathway of all obstacles and awaken your self-will with this Yellow Aventurine Ganesha. A gorgeous sacral chakra icon - energy and understanding come swirling in this intricately carved statue, ever ready to be stashed in your pocket or placed upon an altar. For those who want to stir up dormant energy and explore the imagination, this Ganesha idol is a glorious companion.

“With this Yellow Aventurine Ganesha, I awaken the will to be the leader of my own life”


Radiating with warmth and energy, the Yellow Aventurine Ganesh is all glowing gold and the promise of good things to come. If you have been feeling sluggish, stuck, or as though your personal will has gone out of the window, this gorgeous crystal icon will bring you back to life. The elephant-headed god of the Lord Ganesha brims with gentle reminders to help us step into our own power.

The Hindu deity with his oversized belly, big ears, tiny eyes, and curved trunk tells us that to thrive on this earth we must listen, concentrate, digest, and be willing to welcome in change. His grand head represents wisdom, his ears are a funnel on which to filter all the important lessons, his small eyes are sharp and all-seeing, his trunk talks of adaptability, and his large stomach says yes to endurance.

The Yellow Aventurine stone shimmers with the promise of getting in touch with your sacral chakra. It’s a crystal that is all about birthing natural leadership skills, getting you excited about the powers of possibility, and helping put you on the pathways to manifesting, creating, and getting super focused on your purpose and life-projects. For those who feel like they are floating without any clear direction in life, the Yellow Aventurine icon of Lord Ganesha bulldozes all obstacles and grants you the clarity you need to get on track.


  • Genuine Yellow Aventurine Gemstone
  • Approx. 1.5" high 1.5" wide
  • Statue varies in shape, size, and markings
  • Hand-carved with love in India
  • Comes with a description card
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